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What is Conscious and Clean Beauty at Kethana

Conscious and Clean Beauty at Kethana represents our commitment to empowering you through transparency and choice. We aim to provide you with the tools to make informed decisions by offering brands and products that prioritize clean ingredients, cruelty-free practices, vegan options, and sustainable packaging. Additionally, we showcase brands that have a positive impact on our communities and planet, aligning with our ethos of fostering a conscious and responsible beauty culture.


Kethana comes from a land that takes pride in being inspired by mother nature over decades.

Our concept is an abstract version inspired by the leaves of the Bel Patra also known as Belva Patra, Bael Patra, and Apple Wood.

As per Indian mythology, there are three doshas (humors) – Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha – these doshas are believed to be responsible for a person’s physiological, mental, and emotional health. Consumption of Bel Patra helps in balancing all three doshas. At Kethana we aim to bring you the finest of products to help you balance your life with the best skin health routine.

Bel Patra is known to have benefits in each of its parts. Bel fruit, itself is used for it is versatile as it’s a great source of nature that helps in curing and healing.

And just like that, we at Kethana aim to bring a 360-degree approach to you and yours with our natural products. All our products are made from the finest of natural ingredients to give you the best experience so that you can sit back and relax while we take care of you.

Lastly, Bel Patra is known to be able to free us from all negativity, sins, and ailments, and similarly, at Kethana with our products, we aim to bring you pure indulgence, serenity, and pureness…


Kethana believes in the power of nature to truly deliver an experience that is stimulating to your senses. Our Products – being wellness or home-care and ingredients are tangibly natural, clean, conscious made from the finest raw materials the Earth has to offer, to create a brand that feels as natural as our skin.

Kethana Brand Leadership:

Kethana Brand Leadership embraces the significance of community engagement in fostering a conscientious movement. Recognizing the vital role played by collective efforts, we have strategically forged collaborations with esteemed professionals in the fields of product development, sustainability, and brand leadership. These accomplished experts serve as invaluable allies, lending their extensive knowledge and experience to guide and accelerate our progress on the path to success.

At Kethana, we believe that sustainable growth and responsible brand management are essential pillars for creating a lasting impact. In pursuit of this vision, our partnerships with experts in product development empower us to craft innovative solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers and stakeholders. By leveraging their expertise, we can ensure that our products not only deliver superior quality but also align with our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Furthermore, our collaborations extend to sustainability specialists who bring a wealth of insights and best practices to the table. With their guidance, we can adopt environmentally friendly practices, reduce our ecological footprint, and implement initiatives that promote social equity and community well-being. Their involvement enables us to embed sustainability as a core value within our organization, fostering a culture of responsible decision-making and inspiring positive change within our industry.

In addition to product development and sustainability, our alliances with experts in brand leadership play a pivotal role in shaping our strategic direction. These trusted advisors bring their extensive knowledge of market trends, consumer behavior, and brand positioning to assist us in building a robust and distinctive brand identity. Their guidance helps us effectively communicate our values, connect with our target audience, and differentiate ourselves in a competitive marketplace.

The Pure Promise

We use nature’s most precious elements to make non-toxic skincare products that support radiant skin, a healthy body + a happy self.

Clean and Natural Ingredients

We use nature's most precious elements and nothing more.

Cruelty Free

From small family farms to wildcrafted botanicals to ethically.


All our products are expertly blended with natural ingredients and balanced formulations.

Sustainable Packaging

We bring the best version of personal healthcare with the goodness of mother nature through plant-based products that are gentle for mothers and kids.

Paraben Free

We are unleashing the Power of Paraben-Free Excellence!

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